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Things To Look Into When Buying New Granite Countertops

by Vincent Hoffman

Granite is still a popular material for countertops for the kitchen. As long as you keep the granite sealed, it's suitable for wet areas such as around a sink. Granite has a beautiful appearance that adds glamour to your kitchen and can transform a plain kitchen into one fit for a gourmet cook. Here are some things to look into when you're buying granite countertops.

View The Slab For Color And Pattern 

While you can pick out your countertops from a sample, viewing the slab gives you a better idea of what the color and grain are like. The appearance of granite varies according to the geographic location of origin. The granite may have brown, pink, gold, or gray streaks in it, so you want the dominant color to go with your cabinets, walls, and kitchen flooring. Also, the pattern varies by slab, and you may not find two slabs exactly alike. You might want granite with a pronounced pattern that has a lively effect, or you may prefer something more sedate that blends in with your kitchen. By looking at the entire slab, you can judge the pattern and color better, so you won't be disappointed when your countertop is installed.

Think About Weight

Granite countertops come in different thicknesses. The thicker the granite, the more durable it is and the more it costs. However, thicker also means heavier, so you need to make sure your cabinets and kitchen floor will hold the weight of the stone. If you're getting new cabinets too, let the installer know you'll be adding granite countertops so you can be sure the cabinets will support the weight of the heavy granite.

Discuss The Need For Seams

Depending on the slab you choose and the configuration of your kitchen, your granite countertops may not need any seams. Talk to the installer about where seams will be needed and find out if your countertops can be installed without them over long runs of cabinet space. Some seams may be necessary, and an installer can seam granite so that the seams are nearly invisible, but one of the advantages of buying granite by the slab is so you can eliminate as many seams as possible.

When you buy granite countertops, your first step is usually to go to a showroom to look at slabs. Once you choose the slab or slabs you want, then the installer visits your home to take measurements and to plan the cutouts for the sink. Then, the slab of stone can be fabricated into a new countertop that will eventually provide space for preparing food in your kitchen. It can be an involved process from start to finish, but getting new granite countertops is worth the wait.