Understanding Flooring Options

Choose A Vinyl Floor Covering That Looks Similar To Natural Hardwood

by Vincent Hoffman

Do you often admire hardwood flooring in your friends' homes, but have refrained thus far from having this type of floor covering installed in your own home because you are concerned about maintaining a wood floor or worried that you will encounter spills or staining from time to time? Vinyl flooring that is designed to look like hardwood may be a better option for your home.

Learn About WPC Vinyl

WPC (wood plastic composite) vinyl is a material that is water and stain resistant. Flooring planks contain several layers that provide a vinyl floor with its durability and sheen. A core structure will not expand if water comes into contact with it and a floor's underlayer will resist mold or mildew growth. Because these types of floors are fairly simple to maintain, they are well worth their cost and will maintain their value for years.

The best thing about waterproof vinyl flooring is that nobody will be able to visually detect that a floor covering isn't comprised of natural wood. You can enjoy the compliments that you receive while knowing that you do not have to struggle to maintain the floor's beauty.

Select A Room/Rooms And A Flooring Type

If you are still not completely sold on the benefits associated with WPC vinyl, begin by making gradual changes to one or two areas in your home. Vinyl flooring can be installed in front of your fireplace, across an entire floor or hallway, and even in restrooms or utility rooms. Choose an area that is in need of upgrades and use the color of the walls or furnishings to help you choose a color theme that will be appealing.

Since there are so many color and style options, it can be overwhelming to select the vinyl planks that will be installed in your home. Flooring businesses often offer color charts that can reduce the angst associated with making a choice.

When you visit a flooring showroom, provide some basic characteristics that you would like your new waterproof flooring to have and allow a sales associate to select some color charts that fulfill the criteria that you have provided. Bring the charts home and lay them across the floor of the room that you have chosen to remodel.

Try not to focus on the current floor covering, but instead stare intently at the samples that are listed on each chart and compare each color to the items that are going to be permanently stored in the room so that you can select a floor covering that will enhance the room's features. 

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