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How to Clean and Maintain Concrete Wall Tiles

by Vincent Hoffman

If you want to give your home a modern, urban look, consider updating the walls with concrete tiles. Not only are they durable and long-lasting, they have a sleek, minimalist style. The tiles will work in any room of your house, from a master bedroom to the living room or kitchen.

Since concrete wall tiles are constructed of natural materials, they will feature unique markings and patterns. Most also have a polished finish, resulting in a rustic-yet-elegant appearance. Since each tile is adhered to the wall individually, you can either cover an entire room with them, or use a select amount to create a backdrop, such as behind a stove or bed headboard. 

Concrete wall tiles are also versatile, as they come in several different natural shades, including dark gray, light gray, bronze, and titanium black. You can easily customize your walls to coordinate with the overall style of a room. Installing the tiles is a creative and handy way to cover unsightly painted or wallpapered walls. 

Although the concrete tiles are naturally hardy and fire- and water-resistant, they'll still require minimal regular maintenance to look their best. Make sure to protect your investment by properly caring for the tiles.

Here are some tips for maintaining concrete wall tiles:

1. Wipe up any spills or debris as soon as possible to avoid staining the tiles. This is especially important if the concrete isn't sealed, which can cause the tiles to be porous and retain water. Use a soft, absorbent cloth, such as a microfiber towel, to wipe up any liquid from the tiles.

To clean up harder-to-remove stains, such as food or greasy hand prints, you can use a gentle warm water and dishwashing liquid solution. Simply dampen a cloth with the mixture and rub it over the mark until it's gone. A grease-fighting detergent will work well on oily stains. Avoid using acid-based cleaners on the tiles, which can damage the concrete.

2. Buff the tiles periodically to give them a shiny finish if you desire, or you can wipe them down with a wax designed specifically for use on concrete. 

3. If you have cement tiles in your shower, wipe them dry with an absorbent cloth after each use since they are naturally porous. To clean the grout between the tiles, make a paste using baking soda and water and work it in between the tiles using a soft toothbrush. Rinse clean with warm water and dry thoroughly. 

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