Understanding Flooring Options

Tips For Performing Prep Work For Carpet Installation

by Vincent Hoffman

Having new carpeting installed a great way to rejuvenate the look of an office. Carpeting can be quite affordable as it is, but you can lower the cost of new carpeting by performing the prep work on your own. Here are some tips for removing the old carpeting and tack strips, as well as additional prep needed before your carpet installers arrive:

Gather the Tools

This job will require you to have a few tools to remove the old carpeting. You'll need the following items:

  • Claw hammer

  • Utility knife

  • Flathead screwdrivers (at least 6" long)

  • Shop Vacuum

  • Broom

Most of these items you should already have or be able to purchase at a local home improvement store.

Remove the Old Carpeting

You'll need to lift up one edge of the old carpeting to start removing it. It's possible to dig out an edge from an area where the carpeting meets the baseboard somewhere around the outside of the room. You'll then pull the carpeting up while ripping any staples out of the floor.

The trick to removing old carpeting is to cut it up into small rolls that are easy to manage. Use a utility knife to cut the carpeting into long strips that can be rolled up and taped together. If you are disposing of the old carpeting with your regular city trash collection rather than a dumpster, check the city guidelines to determine how big the rolls can be for them to be hauled away.

Remove the Old Tack Strip

With the old carpeting gone, there will now be a tack strip located around the room. If the subfloor is made of concrete, just hit the tack strip with your hammer to knock it loose. For wood subfloors, you should use your screwdrivers and hammer to drive the screwdriver underneath the wood tack strip and carefully pry it upward.

It helps to remove the old tack strip in small sections. Trying to do a large section could cause the tack strip to break and create more work to remove.

Sweep the Debris

Once you have removed the tack strips, you'll need to clean the floor to make sure there is no debris on it. If any small piece of debris is on the floor when the new carpet is installed over it, you'll have something trapped under the carpeting that you feel when you walk over it.

While your carpet installer should do their own sweep of the floor, it is a good idea for you do clean up the mess you just made so you don't miss anything by accident.