Understanding Flooring Options

3 Keys For Your Commercial Garage Epoxy Flooring

by Vincent Hoffman

When you have a commercial garage that you want to have serve you for years, it's important to reach out to some pros that can help you with flooring. Epoxy flooring is made with hard resin and is one of the most practical forms of flooring that you can have installed. In this regard, make sure that you read on and apply the tips in this article to get all that you need out of your commercial garage epoxy flooring. 

#1: Know the benefits of commercial epoxy flooring for your garage

As you look into getting the help of a flooring professional, it pays to know exactly why this work can be helpful to you. Plenty of people buy epoxy flooring, and for good reason. For one, this flooring is incredibly affordable and long lasting in the grand scheme of things. You'll be able to have professionals lay the resin so that it fits the measurements of your garage, with a quick and effective installation. This flooring is useful for commercial garages, due to the fact that it is also very resistant to harsh chemicals, fluids, and general wear and tear. 

#2: Shop for service with various flooring contractors

Once you are ready to get the best flooring installed, you'll also need to be sure that you touch base with some professionals who can serve you. Look for the best commercial epoxy flooring pros and get references from other companies that have used them. Touch bases with several different companies so that you're able to ask for cost estimates. Get these estimates in written form, in order to compare with a lot of pros, until you're comfortable with the price. You can expect to pay somewhere between $3 per square foot and $12 per square foot on the installation of these floors. 

#3: Take the time to clean and care for your epoxy flooring

Finally, do everything you can to make sure your floors are pristine and clean. You can invest in a soft bristle brush that allows you to sweep and wipe up debris whenever possible. Avoid using any acidic cleaners, and instead purchase some gentle cleaners that won't strip away the material of the floor. Further, buy an insurance plan on your floors so that they're well cared for with a policy as well. 

Follow these tips and you'll be sure to enjoy your epoxy flooring for years to come.