Understanding Flooring Options

4 Options In New Flooring For Your Rental Home

by Vincent Hoffman

When you move into a rental house, you often have to tolerate the landlord's decorating scheme. You can't make changes to the walls or floors that can't be undone. However, you might have a few flooring options if you just can't stand the ugly tile or vinyl floors in your home. Here are some ideas for temporary flooring that can be removed at the end of your lease and that won't leave any damage behind.

Interlocking Vinyl Planks

Some types of vinyl planks can be removed without leaving any traces behind. Just be sure to buy the planks that lock together. One plank slides into the groove of another plank so there is no need to use glue or tape to hold the planks in place. Vinyl planks come in different colors and patterns, but most of them are made to resemble wood grain or stone. The planks are easy to install and easy to cut to fit.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is another possibility. Laminate looks just like wood flooring so it will give your home a classic look. The planks click together just like vinyl planks. However, laminate planks are much harder so you can't cut them with scissors. You'll need a saw to trim the pieces to fit the floor.

Carpet Remnants

You could also cover the entire floor with an area rug if you can find one the right size. Rugs and carpet remnants can even be placed on top of the landlord's carpet to cover and protect it. Carpet remnants are similar to area rugs except they are made from pieces of left over carpet so they look more like traditional flooring that covers the floor from wall to wall. The edges on carpet remnants are often finished so you don't have to worry about fraying or bunching. Finding a remnant of the exact size you need might be challenging, but if you can find one, you might pay less than you would have to pay for an area rug of the same size.

Loose Lay Vinyl

Loose lay vinyl is probably the best choice for a temporary floor. You unroll the vinyl onto the floor and cut it to fit. It stays flat so there is no need to use glue to hold it down. Vinyl flooring comes in several colors and patterns so you can find something that fits your decorating style and personality.

One of the options above could be the solution for ugly rental flooring without having to use a bunch of throw rugs that clutter the floor and pose a tripping hazard. A new floor that matches your personality can transform your rental house and make it feel more like home.